An optimal air exchange every time. Perforation.

No matter how much or how little air exchange you need, we offer you exactly the right kind of perforation with any standard hole size. Micro perforation is carried out with hot needles in a thermomechanical process that guarantees a uniform perforation pattern over the entire film. The tear resistance is subsequently improved by thermal bonding. Hot-needle perforation is mainly used for sheet films and can be either in strips or over the full surface, with many different standard perforations available.

Macro perforation serves to regulate the atmosphere; the number and size of the holes are exactly aligned to the product to be packed. Mechanical punch perforation is possible in strips, over the full surface or pattern matched with single holes.
Laser perforation is employed whenever extremely small holes with no fusion craters are called for. It is ideal for achieving a controlled exchange of gas and the perforation is not normally visible with the naked eye.

Suitable Zeisberger products


Zeisberger profilm.

The BOPP film with more advantages. More economical, more advertising impact, more ecological, more protection.


Zeisberger proflex.

This flexible polyethylene film in various densities (LDPE/MDPE/HDPE) is ideal for automatic packaging processes.

Shrink film

Zeisberger olyfol.

The shrink film with unbeatable properties. Efficient. Food safe. With excellent heat-sealing and shrink characteristics.

Biodegradable film

Zeisberger greenfilm.

This biodegradable film makes a very good impression – on our customers as well as on the environment.

Compound film

Zeisberger protech.

This compound film has a composition that is determined by your requirements for optimum protective qualities.

Sealing film

Zeisberger prolid.

The sealing film for a thousand and one applications.


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